TA:K Story

here isa  condensed version fo the Story behind the game. This can also be found here : http://www.totalannihilation.com/ta-kingdoms/story.html , on the Official Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Website.

"Air and Earth, Fire and Water, bound together as the pillars of the world of Darien.
 Sword and ship, magic and beasts of the air, bound together in a struggle that bodes to shake loose the heavens.
                              For in the land called Darien, four siblings -- brothers and sisters, blessed immortal -- have turned against one
 another. Soldiers and war machines are set in motion, while wizards unleash demons and let fly thunderbolts o'er village and township.
Stone and steel are at Aramon's side, and good king Elsin forsakes magic for spear and hammer.
Kirenna the Sea Mage rules Veruna nation, whose sailors are masters of wave and water.
 Thirsha the Huntress holds the tribes of Zhon and the beasts of the air in her thrall.
 But now the Necromancer, Lokken of Taros, has thrown open the doors to the world beyond, and the flame
of death now threatens to sweep the land and tear it asunder."