Welcome all the to Total Annihilation : Kingdoms Shadow Outpost or TAKSO for short. Here you'll find maps I've mad Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, as well and game information and the TA:K unit archives. In the archive you'll find units from 3rd party unit groups like TABDD and official units from Cavedog.

May the Dog rest in peace, forever chasing those great Stone cars in the sky.

Update 5-27-01 StarDruid

Nothing much to report Today except  I add a chat room for eveyone to us. Enjoy.

First Post, opening day 5-25-01 StarDruid

Welcome all the the opening of Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Shadow Outpost, the little sister to my Total Annihilation Shadow Outpost. Currently I only have TABDD units in the unit Archive but am planing to add some more soon. Also there is only one of my maps up at this time with one I'm still play testing on and another in the works at 50% complete. They both could be out tomorrow or the next day. I can build map very fast once I got an idea for one, got that skill making maps for a game called Dark colony but it can also take a while sometimes.. All my maps won't be anything special but they should be fun to use.

Right now the site doesn't have a lot of graphics but it should have soon, I'll be making banners for it as soon as I get the time.
PS. If anyone see units from a unit group that are not here please email me, I'd like to make the Archive as complete as possible.