The TABDD website is no longer up but you can find the sites TA:K units here as well as their TA:K race.
They are/were by far one of the best, if not the best, makers of 3rd Party Total Annihilation: Kingdom units.

Aramon | Veruna | Zhon | Taros | Creon | Azurian

Aramon Airship
Aramon Martyr
Aramon Pikeman

Veruna Balloonist
Veruna Harpoon Tower
Veruna Mana Vault
Veruna Mobile Mortar
Veruna Mind Whiper
Veruna Nautilus

Veruna, Waves of Change.
6 units in one file. They were created by TABDD to help Veruna compete
in the game. Something veruna has a hard time doing.

Zhon Elvish Archer
Zhon Weatherseed

Taros Scorpion
Taros Undead Master
Taros Mana Vault

Creon Iron Juggernaut
Creon Man Vault
Creon Buzz
Creon Steamer
Creon Watch Tower

TADBB's 3rd party race. There are two versions of this Race.
One for people people that have The Iron Plague and one for those people who do not.
To install the Non Iron Plague version read the readme.txt file in the zip.
Non Iron Plague Version
Iron Plague version