Here are all the maps I've made.

Borders peninsula
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Map Overview:
I wanted a map where there was a good distances from the 2 enemy bases.  That and long range weapons could not hit enemy bases. This map is the map I made on that idea.

Even the Aramon's Trebuchet can't reach much further then the two man spots between the forts and the middle town. Players one and two start at the two forts. Player 3 in the Middle. 

The north and south players have the forts the stand right in the way of a enemy force and the middle player has walls on all sides to hide behind and build on.

Each player start out with 5 large mana spot and their are 2 more between each fort and the middle town. There is water on all sides so Veruna can use their trebuchet ship and all other races can use their ship to bombard the land and possibly to help the land units with cover fire though water units won't be able to fire in land very far. 

All together a unspectacular map except in size.